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A whole different tune

Why record labels probably aren't going to die out anytime soon. The internet is a wonderful place (although admittedly that statement can be fairly readily contested). While it may be primarily filled with non-viable or duplicate data, the internet's current zettabyte-sized... Continue Reading →


Digging a different ditch

Why the way we get out of the next economic recession matters. Planning to combat a recession is pretty much just an act of building buffers. One example of this is the slow burn of building up high enough interest... Continue Reading →


Why the suburbs are partially responsible for the recent surge in populist politics.  Suburban neighbourhoods have a stereotype: quiet, white picket fenced areas filled with families whose earners commute into the city for work. They are usually seen as an American... Continue Reading →

Past, present and future

What does a country reconciling with its past actually look like, and what could a model for success teach America about how to deal with a history of slavery? This post discusses slavery in the United States. To learn more... Continue Reading →

Feeling inspired

What is inspiration and where does it come from? Inspiration is one of those terms that everyone uses but no one seems to be able to describe without calling it something else. To some, being inspired means feeling motivated to act. To others,... Continue Reading →

Deficit delirium

What is a budget deficit and do they actually matter? Deficits: politicians are obsessed with them, your friend (the one who pays attention to politics but keeps insisting its all a conspiracy) thinks they're part of a conspiracy and we... Continue Reading →

Recession to the mean

What Canada's next recession could look like and why it might be harder to get out of than we expect. Recessions suck. The palpable sense of economic uncertainty and desire to hide under your pillow seems to permeate your very... Continue Reading →

Conservative conservation

What a climate policy from Canada’s federal Conservative Party could look like and why it doesn't need to suck. Disclaimer: This post is not affiliated with any political party, organization or government institution. This post is not meant to serve... Continue Reading →

Backgrounder: Data Privacy

This is a brief backgrounder to help you understand why privacy isn't dead, why your personal data matters and why you should stop giving it away for free. It's designed to be read in 5 minutes or less, although I... Continue Reading →

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