Misreported and Misremembered

Aiming for context, nuance and empathy

One last time

With the dawn of a new era, my time writing for this site is done. Recovering addicts have a thing for fresh starts. The identification of a sobriety date (I have an upcoming appointment to tattoo mine on my ribcage),... Continue Reading →

Essay: A reflection on the challenge ahead

Getting to net-zero emissions will force Canada to reckon with its most structural, foundational economic problems, create bad guys, and will change the nature of our country. We should get started. The number of problems currently facing Canada can occasionally... Continue Reading →

Shaking the safety net

Relying too much on taxing the rich can tie funding for social services to the performance in the stock market. The COVID pandemic and the ongoing recession have been characterized as "an accelerant to existing trends". Changes that were meant... Continue Reading →

Time to climb

The world is now entering “the climb”, a process where we try to return to normal in a world without a vaccine. It offers new challenges for governments and businesses. If they aren’t managed successfully, the economy risks tipping into... Continue Reading →

More Mother’s Days

The single most effective stimulus action the government could take to get everyone back to work is create universal affordable childcare schemes. Here's how it could work: Having kids is, apparently, nice. But while they offer joy and love alongside... Continue Reading →

Slowly going green

A high-level overview of green stimulus: what it is, what it isn't and some lessons learned from previous efforts Canada should keep in mind.  This week's post is sort of cheating because I didn't have to think of a new... Continue Reading →

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