Big problems are solved with big ideas

Interrupting the disrupting

The world is about to enter a period of low-innovation and that has economic and social implications. When people talk about disruption, it's usually through one of two lens: One, they seek to "disrupt the status quo" in order to... Continue Reading →

Dampening the downers

Why everyone keeps yelling about how we're going to have a recession in the next six months, but no one really knows what's going on. The global economy is doing better than ever. But given how much everyone has been... Continue Reading →

Links in the chain

Why the risk to oil producers isn't changes in supply, it's the impending disruption to supply chains brought on by threats to demand. Oil is the single most traded commodity globally. International markets are complex, drive geopolitical power struggles and... Continue Reading →

Tactical trolling

A deep-dive into the psychological reasons why the current President of the United States' twitter feed is simultaneously¬†polarizing and incredibly effective as a political tool.¬† President Donald Trump's twitter feed has gone from being a mildly influential social media account... Continue Reading →

Sounding smart

What is intelligence? Search "are there different kinds of intelligence" on any search platform and you're guaranteed to get a few standard results: a series of Buzzfeed-style listicles and a few discussions noting a specific (usually different) theory that argues... Continue Reading →

A political climate of change

Why the way each political party in Canada's federal election is talking about climate change shows what their vision is for Canada's economy of the future. Canada is in the midst of a federal election that has elicited surprising scandals,... Continue Reading →

A trust issue

Why California's new legislative protections for gig-economy workers won't fix the problem. The internet has played an enormous role in reshaping the way companies interact with workers and consumers. Consumers now have an economist's dream scenario of access to seemingly... Continue Reading →

My submission for the Economist’s Open Future Essay contest

This year, The Economist held a youth essay contest for 16-25 year olds to answer the question "What fundamental economic and political change, if any, is needed for an effective response to climate change?" I submitted an essay back in... Continue Reading →

Worse than it seems

Why single-use plastic isn't just polluting the local environment, but could also be contributing to climate change. Plastics are a rather large¬†environmental problem. Videos of plastic straws visibly hurting sea turtles tend to tug most at the heartstrings, but with... Continue Reading →

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