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My submission for the Economist’s Open Future Essay contest

This year, The Economist held a youth essay contest for 16-25 year olds to answer the question "What fundamental economic and political change, if any, is needed for an effective response to climate change?" I submitted an essay back in... Continue Reading →


Worse than it seems

Why single-use plastic isn't just polluting the local environment, but could also be contributing to climate change. Plastics are a rather large¬†environmental problem. Videos of plastic straws visibly hurting sea turtles tend to tug most at the heartstrings, but with... Continue Reading →

Just another step

Why hydrogen could be the missing piece in helping protect energy workers in the fight against climate change Fighting climate change requires the world to transition to a low-carbon economy. Like any transition before it, this one will likely be... Continue Reading →

Risky business

Why Softbank's Vision Fund 2.0 is a sign of growing risk in global finance. The only thing better than creating a financial titan capable of reshaping the global landscape is making two of them. Softbank's Vision Fund is a $100B... Continue Reading →

Backgrounder: How interest rates are set

This is a brief backgrounder to help you understand what interest rates are, how they impact the overall economy and what it means when they get changed. It can be read in 7 minutes or less. There's no such thing... Continue Reading →

Improving the service

India may be a pioneer of a more modern model for economic growth. India is the sleeping giant of the global economy. It's population base of over 1.3B is on track to overtake China's within the next five years, meaning... Continue Reading →

Essay: The New World Order

Why the incoming generation of leaders is, and will be, the biggest disruptive force the world has ever seen. The hidden paradigm shift Disruption is a buzzword. It is also an apt term that can be used to describe a... Continue Reading →

You’re in charge now

Do we elect leaders because we want them to make decisions, or because we agree with their ideas? Leadership is one of those tricky nebulous concepts that means something different to everyone you speak to. To some, leadership is offering... Continue Reading →

Less is more

Why the key to getting people to agree with scientific evidence isn't to offer more of it. Go to virtually any corner of the web or nearby bar and you're bound to find someone who thinks that vaccines are poisonous,... Continue Reading →

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