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Time to climb

The world is now entering “the climb”, a process where we try to return to normal in a world without a vaccine. It offers new challenges for governments and businesses. If they aren’t managed successfully, the economy risks tipping into... Continue Reading →

More Mother’s Days

The single most effective stimulus action the government could take to get everyone back to work is create universal affordable childcare schemes. Here's how it could work: Having kids is, apparently, nice. But while they offer joy and love alongside... Continue Reading →

Slowly going green

A high-level overview of green stimulus: what it is, what it isn't and some lessons learned from previous efforts Canada should keep in mind.  This week's post is sort of cheating because I didn't have to think of a new... Continue Reading →

Immortality and taxes

Robot taxes are a better idea than they might seem. In this post, I detail what a robot tax is, why it would be hard to do in practice, and walk through some political theory to show why robot taxes... Continue Reading →

Backgrounder: How COVID-19 changes everything else

An overview of how the COVID-19 pandemic will influence some of the other technological, political and economic shifts happening in the world. This guide is written as a plain language overview that can be read in six minutes or less.... Continue Reading →

The new normal

The combination of pandemics and climate impacts will force world leaders to make impossible choices. The current COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in something never seen before in history: the closure of planet Earth. Countries all over the world have told... Continue Reading →

Dollar-denominated dioxide

What if developing countries could get credit for paying back their debt by reducing their emissions? I was talking to a friend about a year ago about Argentina. She had researched the country's debt structure in university, and was of... Continue Reading →

Necessary re-navigation

Why we need a wealth tax, why it won't solve the problem and what we can do instead. Every election cycle, one formerly niche policy proposal gets thrown front and centre as a realistic solution to solving a myriad of... Continue Reading →

Zero impact

Net-zero and climate pledges from oil companies are not the new normal; they are just a phase. A good way to tell whether or not something is a trend in the business community is whether the idea being talked about... Continue Reading →

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