I’m a researcher, writer and policy advocate. My current day job is Research Associate at the Smart Prosperity Institute, a clean economy think tank in Ottawa. Right now, I’m one of the leads on our Smart Stimulus Project. I’m also Co-President of the SIGNALS Network, a professional networking group connecting graduate students with job opportunities in the energy and environmental sector in Ottawa.

This site is a chance to write out some longer-form, more speculative ideas about the world. It’s a platform to outline answers to the questions I’ve been pondering. And it’s my attempt to model what being a gatekeeper in the internet age could be. It publishes weekly posts that explore ideas, challenge assumptions, and explain concepts as either one-offs or in-depth series. The objective of this blog is to responsibly walk through the issues that matter most to me. I’m not trying to offer you the truth, but to be a perspective you can trust. My writing is about being empathetic, honest and thorough – it’s up to you to decide whether or not I’m right.

Feel free to search for posts on topics including:

  • Clean energy
  • Financial markets
  • Innovation and emerging technologies
  • Morality and ethics
  • Economics in developed and developing markets
  • Climate change
  • Social norms and movements
  • International development
  • Military and defense
  • Political partisanship