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Time to climb

The world is now entering “the climb”, a process where we try to return to normal in a world without a vaccine. It offers new challenges for governments and businesses. If they aren’t managed successfully, the economy risks tipping into... Continue Reading →

Immortality and taxes

Robot taxes are a better idea than they might seem. In this post, I detail what a robot tax is, why it would be hard to do in practice, and walk through some political theory to show why robot taxes... Continue Reading →

Dollar-denominated dioxide

What if developing countries could get credit for paying back their debt by reducing their emissions? I was talking to a friend about a year ago about Argentina. She had researched the country's debt structure in university, and was of... Continue Reading →

Necessary re-navigation

Why we need a wealth tax, why it won't solve the problem and what we can do instead. Every election cycle, one formerly niche policy proposal gets thrown front and centre as a realistic solution to solving a myriad of... Continue Reading →

Zero impact

Net-zero and climate pledges from oil companies are not the new normal; they are just a phase. A good way to tell whether or not something is a trend in the business community is whether the idea being talked about... Continue Reading →

Priced out

Why conservatives in Canada will not support a carbon tax until the country's identity changes. Canada's most recent federal election contained numerous scandals, a major discussion about women's rights and a comparative contest about who was going to reduce Canada's... Continue Reading →

Interrupting the disrupting

The world is about to enter a period of low-innovation and that has economic and social implications. When people talk about disruption, it's usually through one of two lens: One, they seek to "disrupt the status quo" in order to... Continue Reading →

Dampening the downers

Why everyone keeps yelling about how we're going to have a recession in the next six months, but no one really knows what's going on. The global economy is doing better than ever. But given how much everyone has been... Continue Reading →

Links in the chain

Why the risk to oil producers isn't changes in supply, it's the impending disruption to supply chains brought on by threats to demand. Oil is the single most traded commodity globally. International markets are complex, drive geopolitical power struggles and... Continue Reading →

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