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Big time bias

AI may not be the boon to authoritarian regimes and dictatorships that they expect. China is in the news right now for a lot of reasons. Trade wars, viral outbreaks, the repression of millions of Muslim Uighurs, economic ascension, Hong... Continue Reading →

Moping about mandates

What the growth and popularity of SUV sales can teach us about the future of electric vehicles. SUVs (an acronym for sport utility vehicles) are big business. The percentage of car sales made up from the bulky passenger cars makes... Continue Reading →

Getting cancelled

What is the aim of cancel culture and what are its broader impacts? Railing against PC/cancel culture is pretty trendy right now. Pundits, comedians and authors are making entire careers off of saying they feel personally attacked and boxed into... Continue Reading →

Priced out

Why conservatives in Canada will not support a carbon tax until the country's identity changes. Canada's most recent federal election contained numerous scandals, a major discussion about women's rights and a comparative contest about who was going to reduce Canada's... Continue Reading →

Backgrounder: Huawei and 5G

This is a brief backgrounder to help you understand what 5G networks are, what Huawei offers and why the risks of using its equipment are overblown. It can be read in 8 minutes.  No one cares why their cellphone works.... Continue Reading →

Over the loud speaker

How stereotyping and generalizations are not going away and how they might even be useful. Part of the reason life is as complicated as it is is that things aren't typically what they seem. Complexity, depth and nuance are scattered... Continue Reading →

Mine sweeping

Where are the time bombs currently ticking in the economy that could turn the next recession(s) into something more serious? The line between recession and depression is not as defined as one might assume. The general rule for what constitutes... Continue Reading →

Selling the administration

What policymakers could learn from business schools.  Change is unpopular. It has been since the beginning, which is rather inconvenient considering it happens constantly and there's nothing we can do about it. It is also unusual given that we as... Continue Reading →

What a time to be alive

Why the way we talk about climate change either makes people act or scares them into inaction. Being a young person in today's world can be pretty depressing. Political turmoil, a changing climate and the threat of automation have come... Continue Reading →

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